Smart Bus Wash Service: Gas Station Parking Games Download APK

Smart Bus Wash Service: Gas Station Parking Games Download APK

Description of Smart Bus Wash Service: Gas Station Parking Games

Experience managing your own Coach bus wash & service station to provide car wash services including washing, paint job and complete bus repair. Play Smart Bus Wash Service: Gas Station Parking Games and drive city coach bus to refill fuel at the gas service station. Drive smart bus around metro city and park at the highway gas station games to refill the petrol in car washing games. Multiple vehicles are arriving in the highway service station like transit bus, metro bus and coach bus for cleanup and smart car customization, so you as city bus mechanic have a tough job to do. Get onboard to drive london bus and park school bus at the highway gas station to refuel tank. Get behind the steering wheel of metro bus and drive towards the city service station in car wash games 2018. Park smart bus inside automatic car wash service station for cleanup. For complete school bus engine repair & service like oil change, maintenance london bus park inside the auto repair shop in coach bus driving games.

Take the transit bus in repair garage for inspection and complete engine service in car washing games. Check coach bus engine, bumper, wheels and rims to ensure it’s clean. Exterior rollover metro bus wash is automated system where you drive your london bus inside the bay area. Once your school bus is in the correct position, a signal informs you to stop. At that point, the coach bus wash equipment moves over your smart bus on a track, performing a specific function, such as applying soap and rinsing like other car wash games 2018.

After cleanup at the city bus wash you will be able to design and customize transit bus the way customers desire. For designing you will be using various vinyl stickers to give incredible look to school bus just like in car mechanic simulator or smart car wash games. Drive coach bus inside the paint shop to change the color and remove stains, rust and scratches in bus parking games. Operate your gas station and complete city bus parking & driving tasks in car customization games. The smart bus wash station is fully automatic all you need to do is park the london bus inside car wash games 2018. The gas station repair shop garage is located next to the paint shop at highway service station games. Perfect blend of top rated games like school bus parking, coach bus driving and smart car wash games.

Smart Bus Wash Service: Gas Station Parking Games Features:
Challenging time based euro bus wash, refuel and engine repair levels
Multiple buses customization: elevated bus, transit bus, euro bus, city coach
Realistic highway service gas station environment to drive on
Ultra realistic smart bus physics with real engine sounds
Smooth vehicle controls for immersive gameplay

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– Improved gameplay
– Improved graphics
– Minor bugs fixed

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